Friday, July 29, 2011

Sorrel Urban Bistro

One of my friends is a pastry chef at Sorrel Urban Bistro, a new restaurant in Houston. I had the opportunity to check it out today and it was AMAZING!

Sorrel prides itself on being part of the farm-to-table movement. Much of their menu uses local, organic ingredients, in everything from the main courses to the desserts to even the wines (I had a sweet white wine on tap that was made from grapes grown in Texas). The atmosphere is light and casual and it's reasonably priced. They also offer a three-course lunch and a five-course dinner (with or without wine) so you can get a taste of everything.

This time I tried the green peppercorn crusted pork (I'm not gonna lie, the menu listed a bunch of other fancy ingredients and sides that I will not be able to recall from memory, but it was delicious). The meal looked like a piece of edible art; it was elegantly arranged into a neat little stack of tastiness--I almost felt bad cutting it apart...almost. The portion looks small compared to something at a chain restaurant like Outback or Texas Roadhouse (which are terribly over-portioned, mind you), but it was extremely filling and I normally would have skipped dessert had that not been the main reason I had come.

So next came dessert. And let me give you this advice: Make friends with the person in charge of desserts. We were treated to this little sampler plate, which was definitely not on the menu:
I am re-tasting the amazing-ness just looking at it.

Now all of these I can remember: On the left is a bread pudding. In the shot glasses are watermelon granite with cookie crisps. In the center is a lemon bar with raspberry sorbet. And on the right is a peach and blueberry crepe.

I am a huge fan of bread pudding, and this one was fabulous; and I love crepes, especially when they're made right; but I don't think anything can compare to the lemon bar/raspberry sorbet combination. It was the epitome of refreshment on a hot summer day. But who am I kidding? Everything was wonderful. I would eat it all again and then some.

So, long story short, Sorrel Urban Bistro is highly recommended. And I will be going back. Many times. Possibly with my mom when she visits next week...

UPDATE: Thought I would throw in another picture from a more recent visit. I think this one was when I went with my mom.

I can't remember what this was, but like everything else I've had at Sorrel, it's AMAZING!

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