Friday, September 23, 2011

Houston Restaurant Week/Month/Something

My new neighbor friends were really into Houston Restaurant Weeks last month, and so we went to a few different restaurants showcased during the event. The basic premise is that during the event, participating restaurants will offer a special menu ($20 for 2- to 3-course brunch or lunch, $35 for 3-course dinner) to showcase their food and $3 of each meal sold goes to the Houston Food Bank.

Of course, I went to Sorrel. I've already talked about them a ton. I also went to Benjy's which offered a delightful brunch, as noted by the photos below:

Benjy's Famous Crunchy French Toast

 Steak and Eggs with Hash Browns and Grilled Tomato

And there was dessert too, but I ate that before I remembered to take a picture.
I've also hit a few other local restaurants worth mentioning. I've found a few yummy Mexican places, most notably Chuy's and Lupe Tortilla. Chuy's is sort of sketchy looking on the outside, but it's very eclectic and fun on the inside. I've gotten a burrito and quesadilla there, both were excellent. They also sell funny t-shirts and other paraphernalia such as CAPES! And yes, I bought one. No judgment. Lupe, on the other hand, looks like a pretty typical Mexican restaurant on the outside, but inside are the best freaking fajitas of all time. No lie, they are "world famous" and huge portions! I definitely need one or even two people to split it with me next time.

Last weekend, I also went to this fabulous Vietnamese restaurant (but I have no idea what the name of it was). I was at a concert with one of my classmates and afterward (at like, 2 AM), we were both a little hungry. She told me about this Vietnamese place that was open until 4 near her apartment, so we went over there. I was thinking this was going to be a little hole in the wall late night place, but it was a full-fledged, and dare I say mid- to upscale restaurant. I ordered some Vietnamese fajitas and once again, I was more than impressed. It was a large portion for about $11 dollars and I used my leftovers in my omelet the next day. I also seriously enjoyed the "tortillas" which, when they were delivered, were like giant see-through communion wafers. But then I got a bowl of water and when I dipped them in, they became pliable little spring roll papers.

I haven't been to too many other places yet, but I've got a couple on my to-do list and I'm sure I'll find more to go on and on about in the coming months. Meanwhile, I need to bulk up my menu at home with inspirations from these new delicious treats.

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