Thursday, March 24, 2011

Yummy breakfast

Despite the fact that I've been seriously neglecting my blog recently, I have actually been keeping quite busy in the kitchen. Case in point:

Tell me how jealous you are of this beautiful creation.

Last week I made this amazing breakfast for myself. It consisted of a tomato, red pepper, and mozzarella omelet, whole grain sourdough bread with butter and strawberry rhubarb jam, and chocolate milk.

Now here is the (second) best part of this breakfast: The ingredients. (The best? The taste, of course!) In the omelet, I used eggs from a local farm, tomatoes from my home state, and organic peppers from Chile (the mozzarella was conventional, non-organic Kraft because that's all I had in the house at the time). The bread came from the co-op, the jam and milk both came from a neighboring state, and the chocolate sauce was organic and didn't have any really weird ingredients.

Overall, a great success and incredibly simple. I need to make more breakfasts like this. I think the main thing holding me back is having to get out of bed more than half an hour earlier than I need to be somewhere.

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